Ideas from light

Research enables change – Especially in industrial production the advantages of laser technology can open up new possibilities. Therefore, scientific research is the basis of the blz. With project-oriented support from public authorities, the mainly self-financed basics for other business areas are being developed. The competencies that result from this strategic research are used and implemented by the blz as a transfer institution, engineering partner, test laboratory and manufacturer of systems and components. The revenues which are generated in these fields are once again used to finance strategic research projects.

With the intention to create new knowledge and generate impulses for innovations, the research institute blz initiates, coordinates and works on regional, national and European research projects. In doing so, the focus is almost always on the use of lasers in production. Furthermore, theoretical research with the help of the German Research Foundation (DFG) is conducted with the aim to gain even deeper process knowledge. However, the medium-term vision is always the application of laser technology.

Structure of the blz: