Customized solutions

The potential for individually adapting tools is of particular importance within the production process. Especially in applied laser technology, the use of suitable laser system technology can make a major contribution for process optimization. Thus, for example the guidance and specific shaping of laser beams play an important role regarding the quality and acceleration of processes.

The blz has many years of experience with supporting customers from different industries in opening up laser technology for processing of different materials. Our staff would be glad to help you with the design of customized optical systems or with selecting optical systems and components that fit to your production process. With doing so, we will find a tailor-made solution for every laser application.

Learn more about our services in the field of laser system technology:

Beam guidance and shaping

Purposeful channeling

Many applications in laser measurement and laser material processing require an application-adapted intensity distribution of the laser beam, for example a linear or top-hat intensity profile. In addition, flexible beam shaping and thus the dynamic adjustment of the laser beam open up new possibilities for the time- and cost-efficient processing of workpieces.
At the blz, we are developing different refractive and diffractive systems for laser beam shaping, which are applicable within a large wavelength range from 193 nm to 10,6 μm, as well as within low and high power densities. Besides laser beam homogenizers the blz offers multi-spot generators (MSG) in order to increase the throughput by parallel processing, e.g. when perforating or structuring.
For flexible beam shaping for example light modulators (Spatial Light Modulator – SLM), micro mirror arrays, but also combined systems of different refractive and diffractive micro optics are applied.
The capability of the lenses is tested and qualified in our laser material processing systems. Thus, customer-specific applications can be tested and optimized by means of laser systems technology.
Here you can find an overview of our offers concerning beam guidance and shaping:

• Customized development
• Prototype and small-scale production
• Reflective systems for micro material processing
• Passive beam guidance (homogenizer, multi-spot generators)
• Active light modulators


Skillfully designed

Optical simulation allows to precisely analyze and optimize the influence of different parameters and tolerances of optics and optomechanics even before the manufacturing and implementation of optical systems. For classical projecting and beam shaping lenses with dimensions of several millimeter, well established ray tracing programs are applied. When structures become smaller, wave optical effects, such as diffraction and interference, have to be taken into account in design, as well. These effects can be utilized selectively, for example for realizing diffractive beam shaping elements.
Embedding of real light sources and component surfaces plays an important role in optical simulation. For the measurement of light sources various measuring devices, such as wave front sensors or cameras for beam analysis, are available at the blz. Furthermore, it is possible to implement and analyse real components as well as tactile or optically measured topographies with the help of CAD interfaces.
With our expertise in the field of optical simulation, we will find the right solution to your problems:

• Beam and wave optical simulation
• Simulation of nano structures
• Processing and import of CAD data
• Measurement and implementation of real beam characteristics
• Optimization and tolerance analysis